Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We feel like all along this journey God has been giving us little presents. Showing us that he really knows us and the things that we love. For example, I missed the pandas at the zoo in Beijing, so I get to see the baby pandas in Sichuan. Or He knows I love to dance, so there have been several amazing opportunities to have a blast dancing away. Prime example: the past couple days Brian was asked to play in a basketball tournament with one of the aborigine churches! This tournament was intense. There were 60 teams from across Taiwan. We were thrilled to be invited. We stayed on a campus in Yilan in the dorms and hung out with the kids and just got to be a light. It will be weird going back to the States where I won’t have people yelling at me ‘hello hello’ all the time and trying to practice their English. We were kinda famous at this place!

Being at National Yilin University made me really miss OSU. It was fun to walk around campus and label things mirror lake, the oval, and RPAC. We had a good time praying for Ohio State and thinking a little about next year. It’s hard to believe it’s my last year. It will be over so soon. I still don’t have much clarity about what happens after graduation. I feel like I have a hundred options set before me…I see this long hallway full of doors. I know in time the right door will be open and it will be made clear to me.

After the tournament we spent the night in Taipei. It reminds me a lot of Hong Kong or NYC, but has it’s own Taiwanese features. We walked around a busy part of town and ate and shopped a bit. We all decided to get our haircut and went to a nice salon. It was really funny to watch them freak out about what to do with Brian’s hair! I don’t know why I ever thought it would be a good idea to get a hair cut when I cannot speak the language. I was kind of horrified as she cut me some thick bangs! Well, there is just nothing I can do. My friends laugh that I’ve been FOBified. FOB is a term we use for native Chinese people.

We leave tonight to help run another youth group an hour south of Taipei for a couple days, then we will be back for a few before I leave. Wow, time has flown by!

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