Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Fourth of July!!!! It doesn’t feel quite like the fourth here. The only American flag and eagles I have seen are on this sweet pair of shorts I bought at the Wal-Mart here for 50 cents! (pictures to come later).  We also sang ‘Proud to be an American on the bus.’

The closest we got to fireworks was at the Laoshe Tea House where there was an acrobatic performance where a really flexible girl balanced 6 candles while doing crazy moves! There was also the most amazing shadow puppet performance ever, amazing kung fu, traditional dances, and ear screeching traditional Chinese instruments.

I’m almost half way done with my time here in Beijing.  The reality that I have 6 papers and three presentations is also becoming clear!

The dynamics of our group of thirteen has certainly changed.  After two weeks, people’s attempt at a good first impression starts to fade.  I’m learning a lot about myself and how to work with different people.  I so badly want to have deep conversations with these people. I can see that a lot of the uneasiness comes from insecurity.  Please join me in prying for these opportunities.  I’ve taken my usual spot as the peacemaker and it gets a little lonely at times!  It’s pretty neat because there is just something different about the security I have, knowing my Papa and that he knows me.  I know that they see it.  They’ve already joked with me about it, but I hope its something that makes them wonder.

Yesterday I met with the lady, Jane, that is organizing the relief work for Sichuan.  It looks like it will work for me to go!  I have a lot to figure out…flights, travel insurance and such.  This will be a challenging time, but really refreshing to meet up with Wendy and her group!  It was so great to hang out with Jane.  I stayed at her house for six hours chatting. A Chinese girl Lill is staying with her for a week while she goes through training on how to do therapy using art and music.  Wow Lill has an amazing story.  Just like the brave young girls we hear about in the movement. Lill made us a traditional dinner and we enjoyed being such close sisters in the same ‘family’, yet never having met each other!  Papa is good!

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