Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I made it!

It’s been a really long day and a really short day all at the same time (seeing that with the time change I lost a lot of time).

I’m adjusting pretty well but am ready for a nap! Our dorm is secretly a really nice hotel. It is kind of like if I stayed at the Blackwell at Ohio State—I can’t believe it!

We’ve walked around a bit and I really like campus and the surrounding area. As we were looking touristy and taking pictures of everything, including the grocery store, I vowed never again to make fun of the Asians I see taking a billion pictures at places like Easton! I made friends with one of the grad students, Selina. I think it was her first time going by her English name because she never remembered to respond to it! I hope we become good friends.

The other students in the program are really easy going—I think we’ll get along just fine. Hopefully we will all have a little more personality once the jet lag wears off.

We spent most of the day hanging around the dorm getting to know each other and sleeping. A few girls and I ventured off to the grocery store. I couldn’t do more Chinese food after my very interesting breakfast of a pancake filled with seaweed, noodles, egg, and who knows what and my spicy tofu lunch. I did well with the few Chinese statements I know: Wo bu tzi ro (I don’t eat meat)! I got some oatmeal and peanut butter to hold me over until tomorrow.  

My blog is officially blocked from my end. I can keep posting but I won't be able to see the page or any comments.  Please keep posting comments...I'm having my mom e-mail them to me...just make sure to include your name so I know who you are! Thank you: I'm feeling all your prayers :)


Michael said...

The food sounds awesome! No meat? Oh come on you don't wanna eat cat? So the government blocks Blogger? I've heard they block all kinds of stuff. Keep the Chinese phrases coming.

catamantaloedis said...

hey - i'm way happy you're in such an important place now, and i know Dad's gonna use you and your generous heart in some crazy crazy ways to reach the people there. i just saw a thing on tv tonight, about 9 people living in china in very different situations. next week, the same program is talking about Dad in china, and i'm crazy pumped for that one. im praying for you, sister!
alex w. from newman